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Talentail Partnership – Research enables the possibility of unlocking the full potential of Kakadu Plum

July 11, 2022

Australian Talentail is a proudly owned and operated company based in Melbourne, Victoria. Our mission is to provide a comprehensive range of health and wellbeing products to care for, protect and make caring for your companion easy.

We are proud to announce a recent and exciting partnership with the University of Melbourne’s Faculty of Veterinary and Agricultural Sciences, Research Department. This opportunity is enabling us to open the door on further research into the effects of the Kakadu Plum and its potential health benefits for pets.

With Talentail providing financial support to the research department of University of Melbourne, it is not only going to be beneficial toward the findings, but also valuable in supporting the tertiary education sector of Australian universities.

With 32 research laboratories, specialist equipment rooms and sophisticated microscopic systems, the study will focus on the antioxidant, anti-cancer and anti-pathogenic and help us to understand the ways in which we can use this fruit to enhance the lives of our pets.

The research has two aims:

  • To investigate the anti-carcinogenic potential of Kakadu Plum on lymphoma and mast cell tumours using cell culture lines
  • To determine the influence of food processing techniques on the chemical composition of Kakadu Plum fruit powder, and how this change may influence its anti-carcinogenic effect.

The Kakadu Plum is a native Australian fruit which is found in Northern Australia and was traditionally considered a dreamtime gift by the Indigenous Australians. With the highest natural source of vitamin C, more than 100 times higher than an orange, and antioxidants that are five times that of blueberries, this upcoming superfood will be ground-breaking within the pet industry.

Talentail is determined to display to the pet industry that having a healthy lifestyle for your pet increases their quality of life whilst making it effortless to maintain. Through the announcement of our collaboration with the University of Melbourne we endeavour to use the technology through research to unlock the full potential of the Kakadu Plum and strive to making caring for your pet easy.

With the planned research, we expect to achieve the following outcomes:

  • Characterisation of the key phytochemical compounds that may potentially influence cell viability and metabolism
  • Identification of the most suitable processing parameters to maximise the phytochemical contents of processing Kakadu Plum fruit powder to achieve stronger health benefits

The ongoing research expected outcomes and continued marketing around this superfood will allow Talentail to increase their visibility within the pet industry, develop the Talentail range and continue supporting the health of Australian pets.