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Spot-on treatment for spot on results

May 26, 2022

Being a parent to a fur baby means that prevention of infections from fleas, heartworm and intestinal worms is one of the highest priorities when it comes to caring for your pet. One thing is to ensure that your pup or kitten is having frequent treatments and the next is to make sure that the products that you are using are of the highest quality.


Protection against fleas

When your cat or dog is bitten by fleas, this can cause reactions including itchiness, rashes and to the more severe end of the scale, wounds from them irritating their own skin. One of the most common diseases is flea allergy dermatitis, commonly known as FAD.

If your pet does contract FAD this will cause them to constantly lick, bite and even scratch at their irritated skin spots furthermore causing them to show signs of uneasiness. Both hair loss and rashes are common in cats and dogs when they have FAD however to be sure that this is the right diagnosis, you should consult your vet.

Prevention is key!

Talentcare Spot-on is all-in-one protection, fast acting and long lasting and is applied monthly for the best protection against parasites which can be harmful for your furry friends. Talentcare Spot-on is unlike any oral tablets as it isn’t absorbed into the skin so the fleas don’t need to break skin to be affected by the treatment. The fast results that have been proven stop fleas within 5 minutes and kill them in their tracks in 20 minutes! Talentcare Spot-on also allow the larvae and breeding cycle of the fleas to be stopped.

Protection against heartworm

This parasite can cause lung disease, organ damage and unfortunately death to pets if it is left untreated. Heartworm is contracted through mosquito bites, it can cause long-term damage in dogs and for cats, outdoor prowlers are more susceptible to infection.


The tell-tale signs for infection in your dog can be:

  • Coughing
  • Loss of appetite which leads to a loss of weight
  • Heart failure

If your cat has heartworm, they will show signs such as:

  • Vomiting
  • Loss of appetite or weight loss
  • Severe coughing

Prevention is key!

It doesn’t matter the age of your pet; heartworm can be contracted faster than you can say “Talentcare Spot-on”! To keep your fur friends healthy, it is best to use a treatment which is reliable and trustworthy.

The lifespan of heartworm is stopped with the spot-on treatment, is effective for months and stops further growth of the nasty organisms. Each treatment lasts up to a month, so each cycle is enough to keep your pal happy and healthy so any exposure to bites that can lead to heartworm can be avoided.

Protection against intestinal worms

Pets can be very sensitive, especially at a young age when they are curious and seem to stick their noses where they will fit!

It doesn’t matter if you are a feline or a canine, intestinal worms can literally be a pain in the gut!

It is completely normal for your inquisitive four-legged friend to contract intestinal worms at some point of their lifetime. Due to their curious nature as puppies, the contraction of worms can be brought on by simple hunting, fleas and even through their own mother’s milk.

You will be able to tell if there is an intestinal worm infection by if your pup is sliding on their bottom, having diarrhoea or by visibly seeing worms in their faeces.

Cats are very likely to pick up intestinal worms, by either ingesting soil or faeces or as like dogs, through fleas. It is important to take care of the infection, before the fact, as cats can actually give worms to their owners!

Intestinal worms can start to upset their digestion system leading to sickness and weight loss and if not treated, can cause serious ongoing conditions. So, it is important to treat these issues, before they even appear!

Once again…prevention is key!

Being a responsible, loving, best friend for your best friend means taking the necessary steps to avoid any sicknesses that might occur. And these steps are super easy to take.


Spot-on solutions are so easy to apply! For cats a single drop on the back of the neck and for dogs, a drop between the shoulder blades. The monthly treatment cycle can start from seven weeks of age for dogs and from nine for cats. Your precious pal is never too young to be protected from harmful diseases. Making sure that you are using Talentcare Spot-on will help to avoid the infection of intestinal worms in your adorable little (or big) friends.

Safe and affordable

Talentcare Spot-on is APVMA approved which can leave you with the peace of mind that you are providing a safe option of flea and worming treatment.

Taking care of your pet has never been easier and for less than it costs to buy a take away coffee per week, your cat or dog will have the best protection against a number of parasites which gives them more time to enjoy their time with you!