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Flea and Worming Treatment

All in One Protection, Making Pet Care Easier

Talentcare® Spot-on for Cats over 4 kg

APVMA No.: 91735

Is easy to use and monthly topical flea and worm treatment helps to protect your cat against a broad spectrum of nasty parasites.

For the treatment and prevention of

  • Fleas (Ctenocephalides spp.).
  • Flea larvae both on your cat and in surrounding areas.

Reduces the incidence of Flea Allergy Dermatitis.

For the prevention of

  • Heartworm (Dirofilaria immitis) infection.

For the treatment and control of

  • Roundworms (Toxocara cati, Toxascaris leonina).
  • Hookworms (Ancylostoma tubaeforme, Ancylostoma braziliense – this hookworm is usually restricted to tropical areas in Australia, Uncinaria stenocephala).
  • Ear mites (Otodectes cynotis).
  • Lungworm (Aelurostrongylus abstrusus).


  1. Remove required tube from the package.
  2. Hold tube upright and twist off the cap.
  3. Site of Application.

Apply 1 TUBE of 0.8 mL on the back of the neck


  1. The animal should be standing for easy application. Remove any collar prior to application and replace when product is dry. Part the hair until the skin is visible. Place the tip of the tube on the skin and squeeze the tube firmly twice to apply the solution directly on the skin. Avoid pet’s eyes or mouth.
  2. Record treatment date and repeat monthly or as required. This product remains efficacious following shampoo treatment, swimming or exposure to rain. If washing animal during use of this product use a soap-free shampoo. Avoid applying the product while the animal is wet.
  3. For external application only.
  4. One treatment lasts up to a month.


Fast acting and long lasting

  • Fast results on fleas. Stops feeding in 3-5 minutes and kills in 20 minutes. Fleas don’t need to bite your cat to be killed. Unlike chewable tablets, the active ingredient is not absorbed into your cat’s bloodstream, so fleas are killed on contact without the need for a blood meal. As your cat naturally sheds its skin and fur, tiny imidacloprid crystals are also shed into the environment, killing flea larvae, and breaking the flea lifecycle.
  • Talentcare® Spot-on not only kills adult roundworms and hookworms, but also immature, adult and larval stages of these worms, breaking their lifecycle.
  • Effective for months and halts the growth of nasty parasites.

Easy to apply

  • Convenient, spot-on solution.
  • Water resistant formulation (water-resistant when combined with a soap-free shampoo).

Comprehensive all-in-one protection

  • Talentcare® Spot-on contains the active constituents, Imidacloprid and Moxidectin. They are parasite neurotoxins and effective against  a broad spectrum of nasty parasites.
a. What are the side effects of Talentcare ® Spot-on treatment in cats?

Occasionally, hair loss may occur at the application site. This is usually a single occurrence and hair will grow back uneventfully.

b. From what age can Talentcare ® Spot-on be applied?

Kittens may be treated with Talentcare ® Spot-on for Kittens and Small Cats from 9 weeks of  age.  If kittens younger than 9 weeks require flea control, they may be safely treated with imidacloprid based products for cats. For control of roundworms and hookworms, kittens require worming at 6 and 8 weeks of age. Once treatment with Talentcare ® Spot-on for Kittens and Small Cats every month is commenced, worms will be continuously controlled.

c. Is Talentcare ® water fast?

This product remains efficacious following shampoo treatment, swimming or exposure to rain. If washing animal during use of this product use a soap-free shampoo. Avoid applying the product while the animal is wet.

d. Can Talentcare ® Spot-on for Dogs be used on Cats?


e. Can Talentcare ® Spot-on be used on pregnant or lactating animals?

No primary embryo-toxic, teratogenic or reproductive toxic effects have been observed with imidacloprid or moxidectin in laboratory species. Evidence suggests that no adverse effects are to be expected in pregnant and lactating cats.

f. Do I need to have my cat tested for heartworm disease before starting on Talentcare ® Spot-on?

There is no absolute requirement for a heartworm test before commencing treatment, however, a diagnostic test for heartworm prior to commencement of treatment is recommended to ensure the optimum health of your cat.

g. Safety Directions

Harmful if swallowed. Will damage the eyes. Repeated exposure may cause allergic disorders. Avoid contact with the eyes. If product in eyes, wash out immediately with water. Wash hands after use.

h. First Aid

If poisoning occurs, contact a doctor or Poisons Information Center. Phone 131 126.

i. How do I dispose Talentcare ® Spot-on?

After use, replace cap on tube. Dispose of used tubes and packaging by wrapping in paper and placing in garbage bin.