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Toys Available for Current Promotion – 1st to 20th December 2022

For a limited time only, you can claim two premium gifts (worth over $50) on every $100 spent, whether online or offline!

Whether you’re purchasing our premium dry food or our Talentcare Spot-on treatment, you can select from the 9 types of premium toys available and even fashion bags!

Just submit your claim with proof of purchase.
(Only receipts dated December 1st – December 20th are eligible for redemption)

*Terms and conditions apply.

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You can claim two premium gifts on every $100 spent.
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Gifts Options

Fashion Shopping Bag with Dog Image

Flying Disc Fetch Dog Toy

Squeaky Football Dog Toy

Tumbler Meal Dispensing Ball Dog Toy

Squeaky Chaser Dog Toy

Fashion Shopping Bag with Cat Image

Natural Rubber Balls on the Rope Dog Toy

Dental Treat Rubber Bone Dog Toy

Squeaky Rubble Ball Dog Toy

Squeaky Teeth Cleaning Dog Toy- Lion Look

Squeaky Teeth Cleaning Dog Toy – Lizard Look

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If you have 6 or more gifts to claim, please contact customer service for support.