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Talentail Partnership – Research enables the possibility of unlocking the full potential of Kakadu Plum

Australian Talentail is a proudly owned and operated company based in Melbourne, Victoria. Our mission is to provide a comprehensive range of health and wellbeing products to care for, protect and make caring for your companion easy. We are proud to announce a recent and exciting partnership with the University of Melbourne’s Faculty of Veterinary and Agricultural Sciences, Research Department. This opportunity is enabling us to open the door on further research into the effects of the Kakadu Plum and its potential health benefits for pets.

How to Transition Dog Food

Have you ever thought that your canine friend might be getting sick of the same food? Or it might be that the food is making them sick. You might also then be thinking, “I’ll just change their food”. Unfortunately, it’s not as easy as it might seem. For humans, it is a simple task to change from wholegrain to rye bread, or from red meat to chicken. For dogs, the change is a little trickier but not an impossible task! Before we get deep into the food bowl of this transition, lets talk about WHY your doggie diet has to change.

Kakadu Plum – the new fur friendly super food

From blueberries to spirulina, acai bowls to avocados. These are just a couple of superfoods that you might have come across on your Sunday brunch menu or seen being flaunted by the influencers on your Instagram reel. But did you know that even your four-legged best friend can benefit from a superfood diet?

Foods You Can Share with Your Dog

You enjoy a variety of foods—and so does your dog! There’s nothing wrong with giving your dog fresh, wholesome snacks—just be careful not to go overboard with high-fat, high-calorie between-meal food that might pack on the extra pounds. Stick with healthy treats that are as nutritious as they are delicious. Here are some dog-friendly foods that you and your best buddy can both enjoy.